Abstracted Catholic

by Empty Mirror

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“The Empty Mirror has an advantage over the other noise rockers that they have been compared to – melody. Far from coming across as discordant, The Empty Mirror’s sound – cleverly dubbed ‘Nightmericana’ – reels the listener in with sheer musicality on their latest release Abstracted Catholic– a five song collection that defies genre and goes for the gut . Musicianship rules the day with Ante Ruich’s assault on the bass, Bill Kim’s frenzied drumming and Valdes’ innate ability to let feelings of isolation and tension ring out of just six strings as his voice – at times a gentle Syd Barrett-like purr and at others a feral scream – careens above the madness.” -Rockwired

“If you’re a fan of Billy Corgan, you are allowed to foam at the mouth a bit.” -Independent Clauses


released May 28, 2009

Electric Guitar & Vox……….....……………….......……...…Grant Huling
Drums………………………………….……………….......……….Bill Kim
Bass………………………………………….….……........……Ante Ruich

Written and produced by Grant Huling.
Recorded February & March 2009 in Seattle, USA.
Drums recorded by Alan Chizmar and James Sullivan at the Hideout Studio.
Mastered by Leif Shackelford at Structured Loud.
Cover art includes a detail of “After the Flood” by Virginia Wagner and a detail of the autopsy of John Kennedy.

Opus 4


all rights reserved



Empty Mirror Ohio

Born Oberlin, Ohio, 2005. Died Seattle, Washington, 2009.

Revived in 2018 for two posthumous releases: The Mere (the LP we had started when we broke up, completed as intended) and Overkill (outtakes spanning the life).

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Track Name: Stainglass
When I turned off the radio
Kept buzzing on
Turn me into an audience
And we are one

My body is glass and
You stained me
My body is glass and
You stained me
You saved me
You saint me
Contain me
My captors
Obey me.
Track Name: Static
The sky is gone
A signal passes over me
The Word is wrong
A people never meant to be
Sing me a song
Like I am sleeping peacefully
The signal gone
A people listening Through static minds
In ordered time.
Track Name: Brokenbrained, Brokenhearted
The brokenbrained and brokenhearted
Having bled the blues
Tear the world and twist it to their use

Either I’m the weather
Or your sky is bare
Thought I saw a twinkle in your eye –
Do I stare?

Have a seat; have another
The table’s set for two
A confidence grinding into gruel
Oh, he’s cruel

Hope you’re seeing beauty
Through the blackout air
A continent of children trapped
And mothers scared
Life ain’t fair

Here and now
Seal the doubt
Burn it down
Burn that frown
To the ground
Live without
Live without
Love whatever the drugs allow.
Track Name: Forthwith
Witness the people who ill bred

Hold it
Fold your palms
You’re listing numbers
I’m finding sums
We add up to no one
Chair lifts
Rattle to pieces before it

Hold it
Fold your mind
It’s not the weather
It’s all the time

Hold it
Fold your tongue
If nothing doing
Then nothing done
I’m hearing my own voice
You’re missing the whole point

We’ve lost it.
Track Name: God of Hunger
A punishing figure
Ruled like an heir
Once a believer in despair

Now reborn
He’s reborn
He’s reborn in the truth
In the truth
By his own proof
Sieg Heil!
Desperate lunge
But he only needs become

For once revealed
Never lost
But tell me:
To what end is this
And at what cost?

I’m reborn
I’m reborn in the truth
For one use

We’re reborn
We’re reborn
We’re reborn in the truth
In the truth
It becomes you.

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